Sunday Service Message To Obey is Better than to Sacrifice

London, Emmanuel (P)

Members of London Emmanuel Church, listened to the message taken, from Samuel Chapter 15, which is based on Saul who was king, bigger, stronger and a head taller than anyone else, failed to deliver God’s commands which lead to Saul being rejected as King, Saul was a powerful person, however he did not fully enter God’s commands in his life.

Samuel to him to obey is better than to Sacrifice, whenever we do not obey God’s word then we tend to make excuses and decides to set up a monument for himself, Saul did not obey God’s word which lead to  destroying the enemy and destroy everything, he just kept things and later he built a monument for to commemorate this victory, this leads to pride and then fall of the king which had a change of plan which lead to worshipping idols which is stated in Romans chapter 1, rather than praising the lord the creator rather we bow down to the created things of the world.

From there another king was chosen which was king David. Fellowship was very graceful and many testified how scary it is to be in this position, some found the message quite difficult for them as it requires obeying the lord completely regardless of our human eyes, we may think its ok, how we need to obey God’s word always.