• London Church Celebrates Pentecost

    London Emmanuel Church celebrated Pentecost during the weekend. On Saturday, members gathered during the morning and had Bible study where they could learn about the names and works of the Holy Spirit, our need to love and seek the Holy Spirit, and how to become people where the Holy Spirit can descend and dwell. Afterward,…

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  • London Emmanuel Church holds Easter Retreat

    London Emmanuel Church held a 3 days retreat celebrating Easter and the resurrection of Jesus. There was time to listen and meditate about the path of the cross that the Lord took for us. There was also time for prayer meetings, breaking bread, fellowship, activities and worship. A Children retreat was also held alongside. On the Sunday Service message,…

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  • London Emmanuel Church Leaps Into A New Era

    Congregants of London Emmanuel Church has moved into a new location, the place is situated in Zone 2 of London, South Quay near Canary Wharf in London. Many people were very satisfied and truly thanked God for all his blessings that the father allowed us to move into a bigger space. On Sunday 26th February…

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  • Sunday Service Message To Obey is Better than to Sacrifice

    London, Emmanuel (P) Members of London Emmanuel Church, listened to the message taken, from Samuel Chapter 15, which is based on Saul who was king, bigger, stronger and a head taller than anyone else, failed to deliver God’s commands which lead to Saul being rejected as King, Saul was a powerful person, however he did…

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  • Aug24

    Summer Retreat

    Summer Retreat will happen and will closely and deeply at the messages and will have a time of fellowship.

  • May20


    The time of the holy arrives at Pentecost, we will look deeply at the book of Acts and what is the meaning of the coming of the Holy Spirit

  • Apr01


    Will Celebrate the three day easter period, meditating on the Jesus’s death, cross and resurrection.


  • Testimony at London Emmanuel Church

    When I come to London Emmanuel Church it feels like the place that I belong, this sense of belonging that I could not feel anywhere else or even in a different environment. This deep love that I receive is much more than any other place that I have been to. This Church is where I…

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  • Necessity of Communication With the Holy Spirit –from My Experience of Breast Cancer

    Looking back my Christian life so far, I would like to testify my experience of terminal disease and the importance of communication with the Holy Spirit. Actually when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer last year, no one believed it, and especially for me, I was the very person who was surprised very much….

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